About Us

How it all started...

Armed with a college degree, a love of the land, and a firm determination, Dave and Kaye Freeman left a successful 9 to 5 retail management job in Fresno California and brought an infant and a toddler up to Basin City Washington to begin farming in 1972. In 2015, more than 40 years, 7 children, and 47 grandchildren later, Dave and Kaye Freeman were comfortable, serving in their church and community, and enjoying the freedom to travel and see friends and family all over the country. 

But as they always do, Dave and Kaye kept thinking about their family, and especially their grandkids. The oldest grandsons had worked some on the family farm to earn money for college and missionary service, but not all the grandkids would be able to do that, nor could the farm use them all. So they came up with a plan - open a store where the kids could learn to work side-by-side, learn the "law of the harvest" (you reap what you sow), and further strengthen family ties, all while gaining business skills that better prepare them for life. Rather than Grandma and Grandpa giving a little money to the grandkids, they'd give them an opportunity.

Country Cousins was born.

Since the whole premise of Country Cousins centers around family, we have tried to build it to cater to our customers' families. We LOVE seeing you bring your kids in! Of ANY age! Yes, there are antiques & gifts in the store. We'll help your kids find the ones that, not only can they touch, they can sit on! Bring your kids and let them push around our miniature shopping carts they can load up with fresh produce. Even better yet, come to our fun family events and make some wonderful memories.

Meet our team...
Uncle & Aunt; Amy(Freeman) & Craig Phillips & children
Uncle & Aunt: Steven & Nicki Freeman
Grandpa and Grandma Dave and Kaye Freeman and lots and lots of cousins!